A girl has no name. Hi, I’m              and you can call me Emnisya. It’s fancy. It’s also my Instagram, if you want to see picture of or taken by an internet addict everyday, follow me :). I have a feeling that face could give a very passive-agressive feel to even an “I love you” text. so :D. It’s not making anything better, is it? I believe every person should be dictated by the style, not fashion. If you’re here to look for fashion, teri panoti lagi, but if you’re here to look for creating your style, we’re on.

p.s: I write and post about anything and everything i want to. Your CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM and suggestions will help, but not any hate. just fyi.15877286_951751088290160_4216605862497615872_n

instagram: emnisya

snapchat: palakjain1609

Yours Truly 🌹