The power of positive dressing: you are how you dress


I hope you had a good day and that it turns better after reading this.

We’ve had our fair share of bad days. Mostly, what we do is when we have a bad day, we  unconsciously believe our outfit should represent with our mood. Don’t get me wrong, it’s no crime to dress in all the worldly colours because you’re happy.

The thing is, the more bleh your day is, the more un- bleh your outfit should be.

And there’s no rocket science behind this: if you look good, you feel good

And if you dress like you’re gonna conquer the day, or the date, you best believe you can.

Though I must reinforce that just dressing up like a bossbabe isn’t going to magically make all your work amazing, practical and perfect, it’s just going to help you to actually get work done.

Dressing bleh is just going to make you feel more bleh.

Remeber, dressing the part is important, but acting the part is too.

Dont slack, grind hard, play hard and at the end of the day  just own who you are.

Carpe diem

bye bye x

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thank you😁

ok bye fr ♥️


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