What if we don’t find our what if 



It will all be yours it’s in the grasp of your hand.

It’s at the flick of your wrist.

Everything will be alright.

Deep breath.

This moment too shall pass.

You’ll be happy

And they, jealous.

We all have that assuring, wise and god knows delusional side of ours that’s helping us search for the life in us

That’s keeping us believing in what was shown on the TV

In rags to riches.

The imaginary conversation

Even when all is dark

There’s that one measly part of us

That still b e l i e v e s

That still has an appetite to bear the morbid flavours in this world just to have a taste of its finest ones

But mine hasn’t been as exhausted as it is right now

I’ve lost at the feet of acceptance, of content

But content I’m not quite content with

Satisfaction has stepped on my feet

And its asking me to run

What if I don’t find my what if

If it all remains

And i succumb to the normal

the routine

the ordinary

the unrecognizable

the common

the you’re-no-different lifestyle.

If the clock keeps ticking

and its not from a renowned designer from the streets of France

Have you ever wondered ?

I have

And quite frankly

I can’t imagine the swelling in my eyes

Or the numb in my mind

It sends shivers shimmying down my back

Like little ballet dancers

to think that life wouldn’t be as its supposed to

That my Christmas mornings won’t be spent in New York

With snow on the ledge of my house

And a Fendi coat guarding my lean build against the nefarious winds of the East coast.

Call me superficial

Even sadistic or materialistic

But I don’t just want to be happy

I want to be happy in a certain way

There’s a criteria

Maybe there shouldn’t be

But its been bugging me that

What happens if it isn’t fulfilled

And I’m stuck with a  life that maybe makes me happy

But is not what I desire.

What if you don’t get your what if

But you get content. Comfort.

Would you trade?

This poem is not relatable. I don’t think its supposed to be too. Long time, no talk.

Carpe diem. Merci

too much french

bye bye

have a nice one.



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8 thoughts on “What if we don’t find our what if 

  1. I’m sooo proud of you Palak. I’ve always seen a budding writer and a poetess in you since the time I’ve started teaching u, I guess in grade 5 and u’ve always tried to meet my expectations. Hoping to read such insightful writeups and poems in the future too.


      1. Really fascinating, gratifying, gripping thoughts .Very ingenious, interesting, andstimulating, well-written Palak Would me more pleasing not to use fuzzword .Try it out .But worth while reading ur thoughts


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