Chic in the streets 

Being well dressed in the streets is no longer exclusive to celebs or fashion bloggers. We see and are influenced by so many people, whether that be a supermodel or some girl walking down the lane wearing the most precious trench coat ever.

Street style, to sound ever so cheesy, is the easiest way to express yourself to the general public without having to say anything.

Of course, our clothes shouldn’t wear us, but there’s no harm in feeling a little more girly just because you’re wearing a floral top.

The reason I love street style is because it allows you to be in your own skin while being the most fashion forward you’ve been.

So here are the people whose dressing sense I adore:

1. Kritika Khurana 

Kritika is a blogger at and I must say, she’s got a pretty amazing knowledge of what looks good on her.

Here are some of my favourite looks by her :

I am digging the cold shoulder on this sweater. Everything about this look is amazeballs. So cleverly styled, this would have been a much duller look if she hadn’t tucked the sweater in a little bit. This is exactly why I love her style. She makes everything she wears  her own.

I love this look because it’s so effortless and easy to pull off. Boyfriend jeans are a staple for me, they are so timeless and can be dressed up or down. And I love that.

I have been obsessed with off shoulders lately, and there’s obviously a reason.

Her flats here are not my favourite but the rest of the outfit compensates for it.

I am not usually a fan of hats but this one compliments the outfit amazingly. This is something I would wear if I was going to New York or Bangalore, because it’s just so touristy to me.But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The thing I love best here are the shoes, because there’s this soft pink and the shoes counter that to make this a bit of a grunge chic look.

This outfit is everything. This is my best pick so far. The nude top and black shorts aren’t anything special. We see them everywhere, almost everyday, but that cardigan/long jacket is giving me life. It’s something I would definitely wear.

My most favourite part of this look  is obviously the long jacket, which personifies this look. I would definitely want to be friends with the person who is wearing this.

2. Micah Gianneli

Micah Gianneli is a blogger whom I discovered recently and am in love with. There is obviously (overuse I know) a reason she’s so famous. It’s because she’s tremendously good at her job. People like her make me want to be something great and work hard myself, but then that goes away after another YouTube video. *sighs externally and is crying internally*

Here are some of her gorgeously put together outfits:

Everything about this picture is goals, her confidence, her stride and that highlight.

Velvet is so “in” right now and thank god it is. This outfit screams poise and elegance to me. I would be intimidated yet mystified by someone wearing this. Beware of this person, for they have most definitely got their damn shit together.

The belt adds a wow factor to this outfit, and I dare say that it would have not been the same without the belt.

This looks like the woman who doesn’t cry over her ex and can destroy you if you try to hurt her. This woman looks like a B O S S .

This outfit is so effortless and a smart choice if you want to be stylish but are late for work or something.

Clothes are all about how they make you feel. And this one would make me feel like a goddamn boss lady.

This outfit gives me life. It adds meaning to my existence. I am loving that statement neckpiece and the high waisted leather trousers. I love anything that brings out the bitch in you and leather and statement necklaces just happen to bring out the savage person that will destroy you in 10 fucking seconds if you try to bring her down in me.

The coat is a little too extra for me but hey, whatever works for you.

3. Ellen Lora 

Ellen Lora is a blogger whom I discovered just yesterday but I love  some of her looks and stalked the hell out of her instagram account.

These are some of her amazing looks.

Athleisure is a trend that I am happy is one. But its a tricky one to pull off because it has to have the right amount of glam and right amount of sporty wear.

Ellen, however has the perfect mix here and I’m loving the boots. Again, this hat is one of the few I don’t hate, but it is kinda unnecessary.

This outfit is giving me serious punk rock vibes. This person loves pan!c at the disco and is the right hand of the life of the party, she is savage as fuck and has a small but tight circle of friends. She is goals.

This skirt is something I would pay $75 for. It is everything.

And as I said, leather brings out the bitch in me, so obviously I love this outfit.
Be chic in the streets and a freak in the streets 🌹

Yours truly 🌹


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